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    Date: June 16, 2011, 7:30am – 9:15am
    Kim O'Neil, SPHR, President Elect/VP of Programs
    C.I. Shenanigans
    3017 Ruston Way
    Tacoma, WA 98402
    SHRM Members $25 Non-members $30; $5 discount when you pre-register by 4 PM on June 13, 2011
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    Program Overview: RESPECT: THE SOURCE OF OUR STRENGTH ®. This program offers a powerful collaboration process created by EDGE Learning Institute will guide participants through a framework of thinking to build a business culture of teaming, inclusion and ultimately innovation. This influential program establishes a common understanding of what respect looks like, feels like, and how it differs from tolerance. Through carefully researched and validated exercises, this brain-based workshop takes your leaders and associates along a comprehensive learning path that expands their awareness, develops their emotional intelligence, offers critical insights into human thought and behavior norms, and helps them develop an easy-to-apply “tool kit” proven to increase their personal capacity for more consistently respectful behavior leading to breakthrough results for the team and organization.



    The RESPECT: The Source of Our Strength process®:

    • Promotes respect for both self and others as a foundational value

    • Helps participants recognize what respect should look (and feel) like within their workplace

    • Outlines the transition points from a culture of “tolerance” to “respect”

    • Identifies disrespectful behaviors that can damage morale and productivity

    • Explains the impact that stereotypes have on our actions and decisions

    • Explores the role that attitudes play in promoting respectful workplaces

    • Identifies behaviors that support both personal and organizational values

    • Provides proven, self-directed “tool kit” for changing counter-productive behavior patterns

    About the Speaker: Anita Paige, VP of Diversity and Inclusion at EDGE, is an accomplished business women bringing over 20 years of experience driving results through people. Her experience as a business owner and leader of people is a tremendous asset and provides great insite into company and employee developmental needs. Prior to joining the EDGE leadership team and owning her own company, Anita worked for the Smith Barney company for 11 years. She is an accomplished facilitator, consultant, and leadership coach. She has traveled extensively throughout the US providing training and speaking at conferences, workshops, and various seminars (including SHRM).

    Additionally, the EDGE Learning Institute, along with its consulting arm EDGE Global Advisors, is a Business Management and Human Resource consulting firm with corporate headquarters in Tacoma WA and offices across North America. EDGE over the past 37 years has had the opportunity to partner with organizations and leaders around the globe to build business cultures that engage people and achieve breakthrough results.

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