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    Benefits of SHRM Membership

    • Personalized Content
    • Legislative Resources & Updates
    • Member Community
    • Free Webcasts
    • Discounts on SHRM Events and Educational Offerings
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    Benefits of Chapter Membership

    • Network with local HR professionals
    • Gain insights on HR best practices
    • Discover local career advancement opportunities
    • Earn PDCs for SHRM-CP or SHRM-SCP recertification

    NOTE: Chapter membership expires at the same time as your current SHRM membership, regardless of enrollment date. Any applicable Chapter dues will be prorated based on the number of months remaining on your current SHRM membership.

    *This chapter is a 100% membership chapter, which means you must also be a member of the national SHRM organization (

    What are the benefits of becoming a member of our chapter?

    It gives you a home chapter, one where you get to know your fellow members and have the ability to network with people you know. Get advice for handling HR situations from people you know face to face and trust. With membership you get the newsletter and meeting notification. Plus when you pre-register you get the member rate when you come to the meetings. Being a member of one chapter does not preclude you from attending meetings at other chapters.

    What does 100% chapter mean?

    Chapters requiring SHRM national membership in order to belong to the local chapter are referred to as 100% chapters. One hundred percent chapters receive benefits and services not made available to non-100% chapters, such as a higher level of financial support ($25 per year per SHRM member who has designated a 100% chapter as primary, compared to $10 per year for non-100% chapters); quarterly as opposed to semiannual chapter financial support payments; a specially designed 100% lapel pin for all chapter members; SHRM staff availability as speakers at no cost to the chapters (while non-100% chapters are responsible for expenses), and free Saturday-night stay over for the chapter president or designee at the SHRM Leadership Conference.