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Workforce Readiness

    Welcome to the Workforce Readiness Page!

    Together we can ensure that tomorrow's workforce has the skills, competencies, and behaviors to successfully integrate into the workplace. Who is tomorrow's workforce? New entry level applicants, incumbent workers, transitioning workers, and re-entrants into the workforce.

    As HR professionals, we are uniquely suited to address many of the challenges raised by workforce readiness issues. We can play a strategic role in helping employers formulate standards for workforce skills, capabilities and attributes that the employer community needs. HR professionals can bring their quantitative skills to help develop programs to improve workforce readiness and to evaluate models and pilot programs to ensure their effectiveness and adaptability in meeting current needs and their ability to anticipate future needs.

    Workforce Readiness News:

    YesVets! Initiative Update


    Amazing work happening!  Three years and 3,700+ veterans hired by YesVets employers, and counting.  Getting closer to reaching 5,000 by July!  For more information and to get on board with the YesVets program, visit their website here!

    June 20, 2019:
    Our chapter had the pleasure of welcoming Deanna Rodkey, Career Specialist with Correctional Industries, to speak at our June breakfast meeting.  Deanna provided a wealth of information regarding the Correctional Industries program, as well as valuable stories and tools to help us change the way we view potential job applicants with a criminal background.
    If you are interested in connecting with Deanna with questions or ways you can access this local talent pool, her contact information is below.  You can also get additional information on SHRM's national efforts promoting chances for re-employment after release from the criminal justice system at
    Deanna Rodkey
    Career Specialist, Correctional Industries
    Washington State Department of Corrections
    Phone: (360) 725-9111

    February 13, 2019:
    Our very own SHRM CEO Johnny C. Taylor, Jr. has been named to the Commerce Department's American Workforce Policy Advisory Board!  The advisory board makes recommendations to the National Council for the American Worker to ensure workers can be successful in the global economy by providing affordable education and training opportunities. The full SHRM press release, along with an outline of SHRM's areas of focus in workforce development, can be found here!

      Resources to Connect with Veterans:

      Transitioning service members and job seekers coming out of JBLM register through WorkSourceWA to begin their job search. Employers may request designation as veteran and military family friendly employers.
      Employers who hire veterans into their workforce may register for the YesVets designation, a statewide program recognizing employers who show their commitment to veteran employment.
      The UW Veterans Center is a place for veterans to connect with other veterans. In addition the center provides access to university resources specifically designed for veterans. It is not just an office, rather a place where veterans can find and build their community within the university.
      Additional Resources for Veterans and Employers:
      Military Cultural Competancy Video (as shown at the October, 2018 breakfast meeting)
      US Chamber Hiring Our Heros Program (including JBLM fellowship program)

      Local Workforce Readiness Advocates:

      Junior Achievement

      Junior Achievement is a nonprofit organization providing a series of business, economics and life-skills programs to enhance the education of young people.

      Vadis is dedicated to assisting businesses recruit and retain employees with disabilities. Vadis maintains the highest of standards in assuring that placements meet the needs of all parties.  For more information, please contact: 253.863.5173 or visit Vadis at

      SPS Chapter Workforce Readiness Advocate