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    Analyzing and Managing Risk Tolerance- How Risky Do You Like It?

    Date: July 19, 2018, 7:30am – 9:30am
    South Puget Sound SHRM
    C.I. Shenanigans
    3017 Ruston Way
    Tacoma, WA 98402
    SHRM Member Pre-Paid - $25 / Non-Member Pre-Paid $30 / Walk-Ins - $35
    Event Type:
    2018 Breakfast Meeting
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    SPS SHRM is proud to introduce

    Carol Bowser from Conflict Management Strategies, Inc


    Analyzing and Managing Risk Tolerance:

    How Risky Do You Like It?


    How much do you love or loathe risk? How much is too much? How much do you need to adapt to external forces and stay relevant? Individual risk tolerance is an invisible force that affects everything around it: interpersonal relationships, inter-department cooperation, and leadership’s effectiveness. Ability to diagnose and remedy divergent beliefs about the ‘goodness’ or ‘badness’ of risk allows HR professionals to better advise organizational leaders, coach managers and resolve conflict.

    Learning Objectives:

    • Learn an analytical framework to evaluate personal and organization risk tolerance.
    • Assess impact of risk tolerance on organizational goals and likely success in delivering on the organization’s mission, vision and values.
    • Facilitate dynamic and engaging risk management conversations thereby increasing opportunities to build consensus and improve collaboration.
    • Improve negotiation and conflict resolution comfort and competencies

    Pending HRCI BUSINESS Credit! Approved for 1.0 SHRM Credit!


    About the Speaker:

    In 2002 Carol Bowser founded Conflict Management Strategies, a company emphasizing training, mediation, and consulting on conflict resolution in schools and workplace.

    • Workplace Conflict Expert: The sources of workplace conflict are as diverse as each workplace. As a close, but independent, advisor to organizations, Ms. Bowser assesses the interpersonal sources of conflict perceived lack of respect, cultural differences, clashing values among employees and departments and works with her clients to create sustainable change and high functioning workplaces.
    • Professional Trainer: Ms. Bowser works with her clients to train personnel at all levels on the skills to address and navigate through workplace conflict. Her style is highly interactive, facilitative, and designed so that participants can put the skills to immediate use in the workplace. She is highly engaging, AND highly knowledgeable.
    • Mediator: Ms. Bowser began her mediation career in 1994 through training at the Pierce County Center for Dispute Resolution. The training was a huge influence on her life and professional career. She has mediated hundreds of cases with particular emphasis on employment matters and working relationships and trains others in mediation skills. From 2005-2009 United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission regularly hired Ms. Bowser as a mediator.
    • Coach: Ms. Bowser works with employees of all levels to increase workplace and leadership skills. Coaching clients have called her “a lifeboat” as well as “informative and engaging.” She designs coaching programs that are true to organizational needs and consistent with the client’s personal values.
    • Attorney: After several years of practicing Employment Law, Ms. Bowser decided to become an entrepreneur and work with organizations to prevent costly workplace conflict and share thegospel of “Managing Conflict—Empowering People.” She knows the difference between what employees perceive to be unfair and what is illegal.


    Information on Registration: Early Bird Registration ($10.00 discount) will be available until 4:00pm two days prior to the event. Please be sure to register by 4:00pm to be eligible for the early bird discount and to assist us in ensuring that we have an adequate number of hand-outs and enough space/food for all our guests.

    All Late Registrations/Walk-ins cost is $35.00 regardless of being a SPS SHRM member or not.

    **There is limited seating; Late Registrations/Walk-ins may be limited based on number of preregistered.