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    The Hidden Costs of Financial Stress in the Workplace (and how HR professionals can help reduce it.)

    Date: July 29, 2020, 3:00pm
    One Strategic Capital
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    Educational Event
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    The Corona Virus has wreaked havoc on the personal finances of many employees. Even with government intervention, it stands to reason employees remain especially anxious about their financial future. As a result, their productivity suffers affecting the profitability of the companies they work for.

    The intent of this webinar is to isolate the issues and layout a strategy to help free employees from the vicious cycle that traps them from reaching any level of financial stability. Everyone has the opportunity to attain a sense of financially well-being! Join us for this informative and entertaining web-cast.

    We hope to see you there and wish you the very best!

    Stay Healthy & Stay the Course,
    Your Friends at OSC