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VIP Annual Pass

    What is a VIP Pass?

    A pre-paid pass for all 2020 chapter meeting events at a 20% discount over our monthly chapter member pre-paid rate!

    You get:

    • Ease of registration! You'll have an access code that will allow you to register with ease!
    • Reserved, front-of-the-room seating for all events.
    • Guaranteed reservation at our events.
    • Ability to lock-in our lowest registration cost for the entire year! 

    Your one-time payment of $200 is equivalent to $20 per event for all upcoming (Jan - Dec) 2020 regular chapter meetings!

    Please note: These are non-refundable and non-transferable. Your VIP Annual Pass will be assigned to your name at the time of purchase.

    How Does This Differ From Regular Chapter Event Registration Pricing?

    Our 2020 registration pricing for each meeting is currently:

    • $25 for Pre-Paid, Pre-Registered Chapter Members
    • $30 for Pre-Paid, Pre-Registered Non-Members
    • $35 for Walk-In/Pay At The Door Attendees (applies to both members, and non-members)
    I'm Interested! How Do I Get One?

    **2020 VIP Passes will become available for purchase on November 21, 2019**

    It's easy! Just register for an upcoming chapter meeting, and select VIP Annual Pass from the drop-down list! Once your payment is processed, we'll handle the rest and make sure you're listed as one of our VIP attendees at all future chapter meetings for 2019!

    How Long Is This Option Available?

    We will only offer this promotion through March 19, 2020. After that, only our regular 2019 registration pricing will be available. 

    What Are The Dates/Times For Chapter Events this VIP Annual Pass Covers?

    We've provided event details below so you can mark it down on your calendars. Speakers and topics will be updated as soon as they are finalized! 

    All Monthly Breakfast Meetings take place on the 3rd Thursday of each month from 7:30am until 9:30am. We currently host our meetings at: 

    C.I. Shenanigans
    3017 Ruston Way
    Tacoma, WA 98402